What is the KSGM project?

The KSGM project consists in the development of a game intended to the eSport.

You can find more information on the KSGM project genesis here

Read information on the game mecanics here

Kadeo is recruiting gamers

Gamers who take part in these tests will be paid in Credits. More information on Credits here

Want to take part?

To participate as a gamer, you must install the KSGM launcher.

Currently the game only works under Microsoft Windows.


Development phase

Find me on Youtube @kadeo to view the videos captured during the development of the project.

These videos are not necessarily representative of the game currently in testing.

Some videos were taken more than five years ago.

Test phase

If you want to see videos about the game, currently in the testing phase, come on Youtube @projectksgm.

Since I'm still in development, the game is subject to change.